Volume/Capacity Measurement

LIPS Volume/Capacity Measurement will output current space occupancy density in percentage to elevator control module, so the routing of the cars can be optimized in the most energy saving fashion.

  • Able to detect the full load level in the elevator to optimize elevator operating efficiency
  • Integrable with elevator docking management
  • Compatible with LIPSedge® DL and LIPSedge® M3 camera

With LIPS Software

To make sure your LIPS camera has the latest features, you will need to update it by downloading and installing the latest camera software.

Tech Specs

Detectable Human Height



Elevator floor must be non-reflective material and cannot be carpet



Comaptible Sensors

LIPSedge® DL


LIPSedge® M3

  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Operating ranges and accuracy can be scene dependent.

Other Products


3DRuler is a 3D Metrology middleware that currently offers automatic measurement over L-W-H sizes of cuboid-shape or arbitrary shape object, like cardboard boxes, pallet...etc.

People Counting

People counting can differ dramatically in the way how people is to be counted as to from what angle the depth camera is mounted.

Gesture Recognition

LIPS Gesture Recognition allows for true natural user interface (NUI) via hand gesture and motion recognition captured by LIPS 3D depth camera. So simply let your hands do the job like a breeze!