15. NOV 2018

LIPS Is Invited to Demonstrate at the Intel IoT Solution Day

立普思的3D視覺解決方案受到Intel的青睞,因此受邀於11/15 Intel物聯網解決方案高峰論壇中展示3D手勢辨識以及平板電腦上的3D外箱量測。立普思與Intel有密切的合作,期待一同加速3D視覺的發展。

LIPS' 3D total solutions have earned great recognition by Intel and we are invited to show the applications including 3D Ruler on tablets and 3D Gesture Recognition at the Intel IoT Solution day on November 15th. We have been working closely with Intel to accelerate the future development of 3D vision.  Stay tuned!