08. OCT 2018

LIPS Presents Use Case of Intel’s FPGA SoC with its 3D Depth Camera

[October 8th, 2018 Taipei, Taiwan]

 LIPS Corporation announced today that it will be showcasing a number of use cases of Intel Technology at the Intel Executive Summit 2018, taking place in Taipei on Monday 8 October 2018.

At the forum, LIPS will demonstrate its advanced LIPSEdge AT 3D camera and proprietary people counting solutions running on Intel’s FPGA (former Altera) SOC chip integrated in the 3D depth camera. “After years of inhouse development, we are proud to introduce the LIPSEdge AT 3D smart camera and the true people counting solution to the Intel community”, said Luke Liu, CEO of LIPS. “Thanks to the powerful architecture and flexible programming environment powered by Intel’s FPGA product family and development kit, we are able to develop and migrate our proprietary computer vision applications quickly onto the Intel FPGA family.”

LIPSEdge AT is a smart 3D camera with an integrated FPGA SOC. The camera comes with both RGB and depth sensors. The LIPSEdge AT camera can be powered by PoE Ethernet and the integrated FPGA SOC allows the user application to be running on the camera edge, thus making the LIPSEdge AT smart camera the best choice for applications requiring multiple cameras and complicated installation such as people counting and smart retail, etc.

“LIPS has been developing the LIPSEdge AT smart camera for our long-time partner Visualize for many years. The solution suites VLIPZ is a perfect combination of products from both LIPS and Visualize, delivering advanced sensor solution for retailer, shopping malls and venues.”, Luke continued.

LIPS combines the latest 3D sensor technology and advanced analytics software created from many years of retail technology experience. LIPS can be used in several use cases from as simple as accurate store traffic counting, walk by counting, to in-store fixture performance analysis and heat mapping, or visitor flow within store or area of interest.



VLIPZ is a product suite jointly developed by LIPS and Visualize. VLIPZ has several function modules including Count, Track, Queue, View, Touch, and StoreMetrics. For more information, visit https://www.vlipz.io/.


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