26. SEP 2018

Intel AI Smart Vision Technology Forum

立普思執行長今日(9/26)受邀於Intel所舉辦的「AI智慧視覺運算技術與應用論壇」中演講,講述AI視覺辨識技術與應用契機,在論壇期間同時做live demo包含手勢辨識、骨架偵測,展示立普思提供AI智慧視覺絕佳的3D整體解決方案。

Intel’s Special Guest: LIPS Corp.
LIPS CEO, Luke Liu, was invited to speak at the AI Smart Vision Technology Forum held by Intel to introduce the AI vision identification technology and application development opportunities. Live demos of Gesture Recognition and Skeleton Detection showcased the success of LIPS on 3D Sensing Total Solution for AI Smart Vision.