NiViewer is also part of the LIPS’ OpenNI 1.5/2.2 compatible SDK. It’s a tool that can display depth map and RGB view side by side for comparison purpose. At the bottom are real-time 3D coordinates (x, y, z or the depth) corresponding to the red dot on the screen that user can move to the point of interest with mouse. With the dot fixated on a moving object, such as hand, moving to and from the camera, you can clearly see even a minute movement can be captured and reflected on the change of the depth coordinate.

Track Pad

This demo tracks the horizontal and vertical motions of your hand gesture by highlighting the square block corresponding to your hand’s position in the grid on the screen. Additionally, it also senses the “push” motion of your hand by showing the highlighted square block corresponding to your hand’s position in a pushed state.

Gesture Tracking

Hand gestures tracking (slide hand to left/right/up/down/diagonal, push hand or grip to select, pinch fingers to shrink, spread fingers to enlarge, …etc) can be an intuitive alternative to most touch-based UI as a touchless modern-day natural UI. This demo shows how our motion tracking translates your gesture commands to Windows commands. For a few seconds you feel like you are possessed by Tom Cruise in the futuristic movie “Minority Report”.

Point Cloud

This is a realization of three-dimensional capturing of object at the sight of our depth camera. The 3D data can then be manipulated through transformation such as rotation and resizing for 3D modeling applications.

Miku Miku Dance

Finally, let’s showcase the fun of anthropomorphizing our MikuMikuDance cutie to dance just like you do. This is a perfect example of a third-party game on top of OpenNI that can be replaced with LIPS’ OpenNI compatible SDK+depth camera suite and works immediately out of box. By standing in front of the camera momentarily, you’ll soon be fantasized through our motion tracking into the character and just can’t help dancing like crazy.

Very Mean Aliens

This is an application of previous “Track Pad” demo through which your hand gesture moving left/right and forward is tracked and used for positioning for and firing from alien’s firepower in the game.


This further demonstrates our support for multiple platforms including the popular Android device through gesture interface with its native game app.